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South East Swimrun Series: Run in your wetsuit, swim in your shoes, multiple swims and runs. Adventure racing at its best

What is swimrun?

If you can swim, if you can run, you can swimrun. 


Imagine a sport where you run and swim your way across wild and stunning landscapes; craggy islands, sandy beaches, deep fjords, calm lakes, big hills, rocky outcrops. A sport which is developing, where its ok to wear paddles, fins and pull buoy. A sport where you don't stop to take off your wetsuit or put on your shoes because there are multiple swims and multiple runs.

The South East Swimrun Series appeals to beginners and experienced swimrunners

Wanting to encourage more people to take part Jude and Paul set up the South East Swimrun Series in the UK which known for its community spirit in welcoming new comers and experienced swimrunners alike. Click here to see the South East Swimrun in action at Longside Lake

In 2024 we are running events at 3 locations:

  • 19th May - Quays Lake, Mytchett

  • 23rd June  - Thames Young Mariners, Richmond

  • 8th Sept - Longside Lake, Egham 

Choose from 2.5km or 5km courses at all and extra 10km course at Longside

What do I need to do swimrun?

  • First and foremost, a sense of adventure.

  • Your usual trail running shoes - you do not need special swimrun shoes 

  • a wetsuit you are comfortable running in - wetsuits keep you warm and also offer protection from brambles and rocks as running sections are off road. 

  • Goggles

  • Most events give you a swim hat

  • Your usual swim wear to go under wetsuit

  • Female swimrunners will often wear a sports bra as well

  • Long socks help protect and keep legs warm 

  • Foam pullbuoy to go between the thighs or floats calf guards bring the feet up and make swimming with shoes on A LOT easier

  • Hand paddles are OPTIONAL - if they don't make you faster, don't wear them

  • A soft cup that you carry as most events are eco conscious and do not have cups at aid stations. 

New to swimrun?

Jude and Paul have taken part in many Swimrun's including Otillo Engadin, Hvar, Madhatter Rosalind, AKSM Nene Valley, Isles of Scilly, 1000 Lakes, the Hokey Cokey, Breca Buttermere, Breca Jersey and Rockman in Norway (read our blog​)

Jude is a Trail Running Coach and both her and Paul are Open Water Swim Coaches making them very well placed to coach swimrun and introduce beginners to the sport. 

Please get in touch with all your swimrun questions 

Introduction to swimrun / coaching sessions - more info here 

  • 12th May - Quays Lake, Mytchett

  • 1st June  - Jude is guest coach for As Keen As Mustard events at Nene Valley

  • 5th June - Longside Lake, Egham 

History of swimrun

Legend has it that swimrun started in Sweden as a drunken bet between friends. The sort 'How far can you get along the archipelago from Stockholm' kind. The winner, the one who travelled the furthest would pay for dinner and hotel. The original route was 75km and remains the course of the Otillo World Championships. But since then swimrun has grown around the world and here in the UK we have our very own flavour.

For more info and some awesome videos and information go to

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