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Trail Running: That wonderful combination of running through beautiful scenery, exploring new areas, meeting new people and stopping to take in stunning views.

Why trail running in the Surrey Hills

Trail running paradise. An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where you can take in chalk, mud, sand and rolling ups and steep downs all in one day. An area where you can run through woodland and never see a soul or run along the downs and see for miles. Sunshine, wind, rain or snow there is always something to lift your running legs, so why not come and explore what it has to offer.​ With good transport links to London and being 20 minutes drive from Guildford and Dorking, it is easy to find yourself some fantastic trail, peace and quiet and beautiful views.

Local coach and guide, Jude Palmer has led trail running business, Run Surrey Hills for 8 years , has taken hundereds of peoples along the trails of Surrey and knows the area like the back of her hand.

Discover New Trails with Guided Runs

Guided trail runs are a great way of exploring an area with friendly people or getting in some extra miles without the worry of finding your way. Experienced local Trail Running Coach, Jude will guide you along the best paths, find the best kept secret trails and know exactly where to stop for a well earned piece of cake. Groups runs go at a social pace and the focus is on fun rather than fast or furious. 


Whether you are a newcomer or have been over the hills a few times, there is something for everyone. Trail runs range from 5km to 50km and are built around the routes Jude loves to explore herself. And if you fancy spicing up your running diary, dust off your headtorch and come along for a guided night run. 

Go to events to see the guided runs on offer. 

Absolute Beginners Running Course - Start Your Fitness Journey

Starting your fitness journey can be intimidating, especially when it comes to running. That's why we created our Absolute Beginners running course. Our 8 sessions provide a graduated approach to beginning your running journey, starting with a combination of walking and running which we gradually build up. Don't worry if you've never done any kind of running either on trail or road before or not for a long time, our course is designed specifically for you.

It’s all about progress not perfection.  At the same time we learn how to warm up, stretch, strengthen our bodies and heads. The aim is to build up to running for 30 minutes but can be tailored to what you want to achieve. 

If you want to run but find it difficult, can’t get going, this course is for you and is for all shapes, sizes, ages and genders. 


Absolute Beginners Running Podcast

Whether you are on one of Jude's Absolute Running Courses or not, this podcast is a great voice of confidence and motivation in your ear. 

8 episodes to match 8 weeks of running support to go from absolute beginner to running confidently. Join Jude as she shares her top tips and walk/run approach with you whilst out on the trails. Listen carefully and you will hear her climb over stiles, jump in puddles.


Expert Trail Run Coaching for All Levels

Running is way more than running and experienced coach, Jude Palmer can help you conquer the hills, hone technique, work with a training plan or help boost confidence.

Jude offers 121 coaching or group workshops sessions for running clubs. Get in touch if you would like to take your trail running to the next level. 

Why run with us:

Jude Palmer is a UKA Trail and Fell CiRF and Advanced Outdoor First Aid

Follow her trail adventures on social media as @runsurrreyhills


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