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About Embrace Adventures

Our mission

At Embrace Adventures, we have a passion for the great outdoors. We design and lead wild swimming, trail running and hiking activities to give people the opportunity, skills and confidence to get outside and enjoy the beautiful countryside around us.


Our team is made up of experienced outdoor professionals – Jude Palmer (Run Surrey Hills) and Paul Mackenzie (Adventure Swims). Joining forces we believe that spending time in nature is not only fun, but also essential for our physical and mental well-being.


Join us on one of our adventures and discover the beauty and excitement of the great outdoors.

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Why go on adventures?

Doing something new and exciting, taking on a challenge, pushing your comfort zone are all the things that are part of any adventure and are the things that help us learn about ourselves, help connect us to the world around us, forge new friendships and make us feel good.

But ‘an adventure’ doesn’t mean some big hairy challenge like climbing Mt Everest. To us it, an adventure is how you describe it. It is where your comfort zone lies regardless of anyone else. For some that can be to try something they have never done before like dipping in cold water or for others it might be completing a challenging walk and for others it might be running at night.

  • Spending time outdoors reduces stress, anxiety

  • Being in blue and green spaces makes exercise easier 

  • The sense of accomplishment you get can roll over into other areas of your life

  • Spending time outdoors makes you smarter

  • You learn new skills

  • You meet new friends, laugh and do new things.

  • You explore the world around you and feel more responsible for it


“I think of adventure as a mindset. My regular dog walk can feel adventurous if I think of myself as exploring, take time to stop and wonder or take a path I've never followed before”

Jude Palmer, Embrace Adventures Guide

Meet your guides



Both Paul and Jude are fully insured and DBS checked. This applies to anyone Embrace Adventures CIC employs to support the delivery of activities.

Why the CIC?

CIC stands for Community Interest Company and it is really important to us that Embrace Adventures CIC is able to provide free to user activities to those people who may not historically be able to access them including those who have been socially prescribed a dose of blue and green spaces. For more information on how we support people with mental health challenges through cold water dipping take a look at The Wild Swim Project 

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